: Leontine Hoffmann nee von Breustedt

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Abgeschickt von Jurgen am 26 Februar, 2013 um 19:59:30

Antwort auf: : Leontine Hoffmann nee von Breustedt von Jurgen am 18 Dezember, 2012 um 17:40:18:

: Dear visitors,
: my great-grandmother Leontine was born in 1866
: in Tallinn.
: From 1880 to 1885 Leo looked after rev. Lemms kids at St Katharinen.
: She followed her husband to Narva (Kreenholm in 1886) , however Dr Ferdinand Hoffmann ,Leontines husband. died in 1916;
: after spending some years at Kuressaare & Tallinn
: she had to leave Estonia in 1939 (Nazi-Soviet-Pact) and died in 1944 in todays Swiecie...

: visit this site please
: http://www.facebook.com/LeontineHoffmann?sk=info

: Any info
: is more than welcome !
Alice Handley 08.12.2012 08:48
My Grandfather - Joseph Cottam was George Cottam's brother. He emigrated to Narva in 1909 with his wife, Alice and daughter, Hilda.. My mother, Hannah, was born at Krahnholm in 1910. Alice and her daughters fled Narva in 1917 first by train to St Petersburg then to Archangel. Then by fishing boat through the treacherous seas of the Arctic and finally arrived in Scrabster, Scotland, thence through the Caledonian Canal to Liverpool. Joseph and his brothers, George and James were later smuggled out of Russia arriving in England 18 months after their wives and children. I would dearly love to have information regarding the fleets of the heroic fishing boats who ferried the refugees from Russia to the UK. I know that some struck icebergs and were lost with no survivors.


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